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2019-08-15 10:19:49
This was real


2019-06-21 03:48:18
The greatest hits of mobb deep made me so krazy ,you know I'm sayin' shout out to you man

Stanford mputi

2019-04-22 16:01:55
The gods of hip hop men

Stanford mputi

2019-04-22 16:01:53
The gods of hip hop men

Stefanie Hampel

2019-03-08 04:50:08 | Profile
One of the best beats out there


2018-10-08 07:27:55 | Profile
Why does this only have 76 million views it should have billion

Xena Yankee

2018-10-03 17:41:13 | Profile
Y came here from NickiMinaj-FEFE

ken connell

2018-10-02 04:57:51 | Profile
Now everybody from the 313....

Mariya TC Angeles

2018-09-23 20:58:50 | Profile
Not a coward. Just sensible. Young dogs bark loudest, the older ones know it is simple- do wrong and you will always be confused but we hold up the ones who laugh at things like fear because they are protected by worshipping the things of this world. It is a stupid man who tries only to decieve and play games about things that can crush your soul. The people who want to discuss it arent playing by street rules. This isnt a game. It is life or death.

Cesar Rojas Diaz

2018-09-21 21:46:59 | Profile
Real mother**

Daniar Masita

2018-09-18 08:32:46 | Profile
Back when rappers where intelligent and made sense.


2018-09-09 15:11:41 | Profile
Rip prodigy mobb forever