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# Song Bitrate Length
1 Collective Soul - Shine 192 03:59
2 Collective Soul - Run 160 04:37
3 Collective Soul - Heavy 192 02:56
4 Collective Soul - Everything 256 03:49
5 Collective Soul - Not The One 320 03:49
6 Collective Soul - Tremble For My Beloved 256 03:55
7 Collective Soul - No More No Less 256 05:21
8 Collective Soul - General Attitude 256 04:01


Alieya Yusup

2019-05-23 14:49:25 | Profile
What is name of the actor?


2018-10-12 02:32:56 | Profile
The ants are very symbolic of human life.

Melanie Marquez

2018-10-12 00:55:32 | Profile
90s was the best time for music, not debatable


2018-09-22 12:59:22 | Profile
I never understood this video, what was the guy wanting to do? Because a fall from that distance would only break his legs, If he was seriously wanting to die his ass should have did what that college kid from Austin Tx. did and went to NY to the Empire State Bldg. and scaled the safety fence and did a swan dive off that bitch....

Idir Amazigh

2018-09-19 17:19:58 | Profile
One of my favorite Christian bands. Not many people know that.

Cynthya Maya

2018-09-18 19:28:57 | Profile
A few years ago i tried commiting suicide and i was life flighted to one hospital to another while in the helicoptor i went into respatory failure and stop breathing i really wasnt soposto make it after i was out of a coma and recovered in the hospital i had to be taken to a mental hospital and while in there they had a group that i was in and we watched this video and then broke it down and we all explained what we thought every scene meant and after that everytime i would feel down i would think of this video but was never able to remember what it was called untill a little while ago i heard it in a restaurant and i immediatly went to the restroom so i could fugure out the song thats how much it means to me and i just wanted to say thank you for this song and being a part of my recovery im doing really good now

Maria Ãfra

2018-09-07 15:39:51 | Profile
It tells you youll get more joy in life giving than recieving love this song

yuranon anon

2018-08-28 14:28:43 | Profile
Ahh the yellow cd case brings it all back.