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Johnny Reiks

2019-06-01 20:16:03 | Profile
Just ordered the CD. Thanks for the video and the music suggestion... ;)


2018-10-15 08:09:18 | Profile
The best song of Cocteau twins

Mustakl Tim

2018-10-14 23:41:20 | Profile
Cool relaxing music to chill out to it just gets better and better !!!!


2018-10-14 15:12:24 | Profile
I love the vocal tracks that Liz does on this album.

Jommie Pastor

2018-10-12 07:19:37 | Profile
you made me understand painting


2018-10-08 11:27:02 | Profile
Thank you for giving me my new obsession!! I am truley in awe of the striking beauty of her voice as ethereal and beautiful as it is. I cant stop listening over and over, thank you soooooo much!!!


2018-10-06 14:59:14 | Profile
does anyone have the lyrics of this song? cant find them nowhere.


2018-10-04 20:26:54 | Profile
Beautiful pictures and lovely music. Perfect together. I shall have to come back more than once to enjoy this again. Thank you Oddie.

Kristina Marin

2018-10-02 16:00:00 | Profile
Thank you Oddie your a gem


2018-10-01 05:04:39 | Profile
Reminds me of being dropped off by a helicopter at the top of a mountain, and then then giving God a skiing lesson on the way down

Joedna Lima

2018-09-29 13:24:31 | Profile
Dude I love your voice and I love all your videos!!! You make my day every day!!

Tamara Hayward

2018-09-27 19:42:12 | Profile
All that divinely-detailed decadence the PRB were into!Of course the Victorians also got a bit Wilde and behaved rather Beardsley, in their latter years ;)and naturally Cocteau Twins makes a perfect soundtrack for such a parade of imagesX


2018-09-26 00:51:34 | Profile
I went to the Tate quite a few years ago now to see the biggest collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings ever assembled and it was just breath taking and what people forget is that they were the punks of their day and they railed against the establishment and challenged the RA .I also love the Cocteau Twins and Treasure is ,for me ,the best album they made and I am here because I was looking for Ivo to introduce my 14 year old grand-daughter to the joy of discovering Elizabeths voice